Still plenty of time to procrastinate

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve ordered a book on overcoming procrastination. I’m sure that it’s all stuff I could figure out on my own, but why do that when someone else has written a book for me. Besides, waiting for this book to turn up is giving me plenty of time to do the things I’m doing whilst avoiding the things I should be, like learning how to overcome procrastination…

Breaking news: I received an email from Amazon a few days ago. “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Overcoming Procrastination” will be delayed for another 1-2 weeks! Perhaps someone packing books at Amazon has decided to read it before me. Maybe the gods of clutter, distraction, and squirrels* are trying to tell me to keep up the good work- you’re a pro at procrastination so why damage a good thing? Who knows why it’s delayed, but it is. Again. Still. Whatever…

On the upside, Amazon has shipped out the other two books in the order and will eat the cost of shipping the overdue tome. I just received “Happy Yoga” (a book that was lost in a shipment during my move from the US), and “Delivered from Distraction” (a book on ADD I’ve been wanting for ages). That’s a start anyway and will give me plenty to do before the other book gets here… if ever it does.


*It’s always about those damn squirrels, ain’t it.

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