Post-interview reflection

I went to the interview and hopefully charmed the fuck out of the manager. I came out with a mixture of dreadful and triumphant feelings. I either have the job or I don’t. I am either frightfully off target in how I handled things or I am exactly the breath of charismatic air that [company xyz] is looking for. The other option -¬†one I don’t want to acknowledge, let alone believe – is that I may be a reasonable choice based on the shortcomings of the other applicants and to choose me would be akin to picking the least bruised apple of the bag.

I hope they give me a chance. I sent a ‘thank you’ card; it has glitter on it. I like the idea that I may be remembered as ‘the sparkly applicant.’

I wrote that last night in my daily schedule. I am so out of practice with ‘regular’ jobs. It’s been a long time since I switched directions to the point where my years of experience mean so little in a new direction. I’m at the bottom. I forgot how anxious that can make a person feel.
I’m doing my best to remind myself that not getting the job you want is sometimes a good thing. One never knows what is just over the next hill and I’ll know soon enough if I should start scanning that horizon. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Post-interview reflection”

  1. Hey, if they hire you, it doesn’t matter why. You get the job you want, and every day you can make them thankful they chose you, the girl with the beautiful eyes. Okay, so you’d rather they remember you as the intelligent, witty, classy American with the wonderful sense of humor…just take the job if they offer it, oh sensitive one!

    By the way, as your Mom. the thank you note was a nice touch…lovely manners, my dear.

  2. Thanks Mom! You trained me well. 🙂

    And yeah, I’d love to be chosen and hired, but if I’m not, I’ll still be remembered and I’ll reapply in a couple of months. I’m staying positive because there’s no reason to feel negative‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚ĆI don’t know their decision yet, so no use in stressing over it. Thankfully, I am not desperate for a job; I just happen to want this one and fingers crossed they want me for it! 😀

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