Good Lord‚Äî I’ve Forgotten How to Dress Myself

I’ve spent so much of the last ten years in jeans and various other casual items that I’ve nearly forgotten how to dress for more polished occasions! Hell, I’ve spent most of the last two years without wearing shoes, so imagine my handicap at putting together an ensemble for a meeting! Fortunately, many of my clothes are of timeless cuts, in fantastic shape, and as mix and matchable as Garanimals, but that still doesn’t mean I feel comfortable or don’t feel like I look a total fake in this stuff.

Something’s got to work… argh!

UPDATE: Crisis averted. I got a swanky wine-coloured wool sweater from Tchibo the other day. Paired with a pair of stretchy fitted black trousers, simple silver jewellery, and gorgeous shoes, I’ll be A-OK. Phweew.

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4 thoughts on “Good Lord‚Äî I’ve Forgotten How to Dress Myself”

  1. I know what you mean about being uncomfortable. I’m not sure which makes me feel more like a fake–the fancy clothes or the makeup. I’m so used to not working with the public or in an office that when I do use foundation, I feel like I’m hiding me.

    Lucky for me I can wear the cheapest clothes I can find, so I don’t feel bad about throwing them away when I get stuff on them at work. Thrift stores are great. I don’t have to look good to make bullets, bombs, and other unfriendly little things. It really feels very freeing not to have to do the makeup/nice clothes bit. But, then, I’ve never liked doing that.

  2. Good luck with the interview. More details afterwards perhaps?

    And I haven’t done the smart thing for longer than I can remember, not even at my wedding! 🙂 Suit, shirt and tie are swearwords around here.

    As for you, I seem to remember you looking good at 20×2.

    – Neil.

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