Geek humour alert

WookienessI was nosing around for a Star Wars fact and went to the IMDB page of Star Wars trivia. That’s where I found this gem:
“According to Mark Hamill, studio executives were unhappy that Chewbacca has no clothes and attempted to have the costume redesigned with shorts.”
Shorts? Oh my goodness. It’s not like you could get a wook at his goods with all that fur anyway… heh heh… Chewbacca’s a Wookiee*, get it?

OK, I’ll just keep these to myself from now on…

(No I won’t.)

Oh, and this is funny. Wrong, but funny.

*Yes, it’s spelled with a double ‘e’.

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One thought on “Geek humour alert”

  1. I heard this a few years ago, how stupid. Mind you there are those disgusting cat and dog that go around nekid and don’t get me started on pigeons! 🙂

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