You can’t drink coffee in the bathroom

N- “You can’t drink coffee in the bathroom. It’s wrong.”

J- “What? Why?”

N- “You just can’t. It’s like pooing in the kitchen. You can’t drink coffee in the bathroom because that’s not the place for it.”

J- “What makes it so different than drinking it in the hallway outside the bathroom?”

N- “The bathroom is full of contaminants.”

J- “It’s not like I’m drinking coffee out of the toilet.”

N- “Might as well be.”

J- “You’re saying this to the girl who drinks water from the shower head…”

N- “Yeah-¬†ewww. Weirdo.”

J- “Maybe the person with the freaky rules is the weirdo…” 😉

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13 thoughts on “You can’t drink coffee in the bathroom”

  1. I always have a cup of tea with me in the bathroom when I’m doing my hair or makeup, so I’ve got to side with Jennifer on this one.

  2. I’ll have a cup of tea while having a bath, I figure if people can sit in hot tubs and drink champagne then why can’t I have a nice cup of tea?

  3. A long bath with a pot of coffee and a good book is one of the few truly civilised pleasures of the world.

    Coffee most certainly belongs in the bathroom.

  4. There’s an advert that say your toilet seat has something like 100 times less bacteria on it than your chopping board, so that knocks the contaminants theory on it’s head.

    – Neil.

  5. A bubble bath, a fat glass of wine, candlelight… beverages in the bathroom are a good thing. Coffee with my morning shower‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćperfect.

    Mister Dixon is just weird. 😉

  6. Just wait till all yer ears fall off and purple goo with a slight sparkle dribbles out from under your toenails. Just as rabbits should never have been mixin’ their toasties, humans shouldn’t be mixing their allocated room function. That’s how two-headed pigs get made, don’t say I didn’t warn ye’.

  7. THANK YOU! I thought I was the only person who drunk shower water. Not, like, all the time or anything but it’s nothing to get worked up over – comes from the same pipes as the kitchen taps, right? So what’s the problem? And it’s nice and warm.

  8. @ Pete: Yeah! My brutha! See, and the tricky bit is getting the water just right so that the spray doesn’t tickle your tongue or the gully between your bottom teeth and tongue! 😀

    I do share too much, don’t I…

  9. I had no idea I’d be seeing ‘gully’ in a comment thread, but c’est la vie. The problem I have is with this is a tickly forehead – any other time, ne’er a problem, but in the shower, I get a tickly forehead. Avoid your tongue being tickled by pushing it further down under your lower teeth and make a mouth pond. Muuuch better.

  10. Yeah, when’s the last time anyone felt Listerine tickle? 😉 However, I don’t think I could stand to have the shower blast my teeth… then again, I don’t know if I’ve tried it… I have a project for tomorrow’s grooming! Wheee! 😀

    My friend Steve used to eat Swiss Cake Rolls and drink beer in the bath (yes, together). On his behalf, I just wanted to throw that one in here. (I know he reads this once in awhile.)

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