Yoga makes me hungry

I’ve got to change my regular breakfast food to something more filling. Since reawakening a morning yoga habit I find that I get hungry way too early in the day. I’m becoming a more efficient machine, it seems.

It’s 9:40 AM and I’m making a packet of shrimp/prawn flavoured ramen noodles…

[EDIT: It was almost tacos but I figured it was a bit early for a Mexican food feast. At least one I have to make myself, since I’m a couple thousand miles away from the nearest Taco Bell.]

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5 thoughts on “Yoga makes me hungry”

  1. ahh, my dear, you aren’t THAT far from a taco bell!

    There is a Taco Bell at RAF Mildenhall (US occupied air force base not far from Newmarket) – which I believe is still open to the public and non-military members 🙂
    They also have Robin Hood & Anthony‚Äö?Ñ?¥s Pizza.

    Taco Bell is part of the Pizza Hut and KFC group so you would think they would have them here. Perhaps Britons are not ready to “run for the border” just yet.

    Rob is off to London tomorrow for an IT confrence, and I have already placed my Krispy Kreme order. Now if I only knew where to get some Velveeta (other than online).

  2. @ Geneva: I’ve heard tell that there may be a Taco Bell but I thought the one that was here shut down because the prices were too high. Hmmm. I shall investigate. I think that with the grocery stores carrying more and more Mexican food and ‘proper’ restaurants popping up all over that it’s only a matter of time before Taco Bell is given another chance in the UK.

    @ Jodi: You are absolutely right. 🙂

  3. Taco Bell, Yes, There is one in RAF Mildenhall, I used to eat there with my ex-boyf-drag queen General…:P but sadly, you can only get in if you are signed in by a member of the airbase, and you have to pay in Dollars

  4. Thanks for the ‘insider’ info Twinkleboi! I almost always have a few USD kicking around but sadly, no military contacts… 🙁

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