What a fantastic morning!

The blue skies and sunlight are giving a very positive glow to this day!

After having a bit of a mental setback last week, I find myself on the rebound and mend. It wasn’t a particularly bad week, but bad enough to beat me up a little. Today I half thought that going back to bed for some extra snooze time would be beneficial but instead I kept to my schedule, did my yoga, morning pages*, got showered, caught up online, and before you know it, I was awake and feeling alive again. I did lay down on my mat for a bit of mid-morning meditation, listening to a programme on my iPod with the warm sun blanketing my body and face. It was during that ‘me time’ that I had a vision for a painting.

I paint. Well, I paint when I can break down the barriers that keep me from getting what’s in my head out onto canvas. I’ve only ever been happy with less than half of what I paint but this vision promised me something special if I’d just keep up my end of the bargain and sketch it out. Fair enough and so I did.

I always feel like giving up in the first few seconds of a preliminary sketch- I just seem incapable of getting what’s in my head onto paper and that’s provided that I can see that stuff in there with enough clarity to translate it to the page anyway. Today? I trusted. I opened up and it finished itself. It’s enough of a sketch that I can focus on the painting of it and not the continued conjuring and coaxing of the image from my mind. I have felt this feeling so very rarely, whether it’s related to my art or my writing, but when it does happen – Wow! It’s like autopilot takes over or dictation starts. It’s fulfilling, validating, and so very thrilling.

I’m painting today. I’ve got the ideas and the big, beautiful skies full of light to see what I’m doing. There is genuine happiness in this moment and I’m not wasting it. 😀


*morning pages are discussed in “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron

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