The BBC is giving Adult ADHD some press

BBC News is giving some much needed press to Adult ADHD.

Hopefully this gets the ball rolling for better educating the doctors and staff of the UK’s healthcare system about the reality of ADD and ADHD in adults.

For a funny take on the lack of Adult ADD/ADHD care in the UK:
SunMink link for 2007-01-07

Thanks, Glyn for pointing me to that. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The BBC is giving Adult ADHD some press”

  1. thanks for this – I also clicked on this link from the BBC – Left blind-spot ‘gives ADHD clue’ which is interesting for me – I have had a left blind-spot since birth.

    Interesting indeedy!

    Thanks again Jen!

  2. I found the left blind spot interesting I never understood why I had difficulty judging proximity on my left hand side when my weak eye is my right. I lost a very nice watch to a radiator thanks to that.

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