schedule? what schedule? and other stuff

In my last post I mentioned the little brain rednecks firing shotguns in my head. This morning I felt the damage. Coincidental, I’m sure, but I woke up with what was threatening to become a migraine and so the schedule when out the window for awhile. I’m revising it now and should be back on track after lunch, but though the headache was thwarted I still mourn the loss of a major chunk of my day.

Short and Fuzzy is getting a good response and the download figures are encouraging! Thanks to those who have commented here, on Tea and Podcasts, and through IMs and emails. There is more Short and Fuzzy silliness to come.

To Nate – dude, I never knew you were lurking! So glad you have been and have now started blogging too. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so you best get typing punk! 😀 Let me know if you’d like me to list your blog in my sidebar or if you’d like to stay on off the general radar for now. It’s really good to be in touch with you again my friend!

My day is disappearing thanks to having to sleep off that nasty headache. Back to my schedule… There’s still hope!


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2 thoughts on “schedule? what schedule? and other stuff”

  1. You’re in luck! We have discussed the release schedule and will be getting the Madeira-casts out two per week, then we will settle into a regular weekly Short and Fuzzy podcast. Glad you liked it Ginny! 😀

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