It’s Barry’s fault: results of “5 things you don’t know about me”

I don’t like blog memes. I haven’t pinpointed exactly why, but I think I liken it to the email spam-style forwards that get sent to forty of an acquaintance’s ‘closest’ friends in their address book (all done without BCCing which is a serious faux pas and should be punishable by caning) asking you to send that questionably sincere or humorous forwarded email to a gaggle of your ‘closest’ friends and to make sure you return the email to the sender to show how deeply you care about your relationship. Eek. I remember when people had to lick a stamp to send out a chain letter through the post. That was great because chances were slim you’d ever get one (I’ve had one or two snail mail chain letters in my life) and god knows it was too prohibitively expensive to send out genuine photo-mart prints of ten embarrassingly costumed pets just for a laugh (or groan). Ah, those were the days…

Blog memes, to their credit, are a bit more personal and rarely get sent to such a huge group in one go, and so, without further delay or digression, I’ll get my meme response over with. I like you Barry, and for that reason I present my one and only blog meme response:

5 things you don’t know about me
(Dammit, Barry- I covered fifty of the buggers in my FAQ! This is going to be a challenge!)

  1. I don’t watch much TV and though I resisted the initial public excitement for the series, I have become a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation junkie. Minor mysteries in this flat are always met with a “we need the Grissom”. You never know when a shower gel dribble in the tub could crack the case… (there’s always a case, right?)
  2. I like to smell my Moleskines. Those posh little notebooks smell so damn good when you first unwrap them. I’m sure I’m not the only one who used to bury her nose into a new school text book or fresh ditto copies either. Mmmm… the beguiling scent of print production and bindery. Sweet, sweet chemicals.
  3. I have an electronic guinea pig named Esteban.
  4. I have a slight obsessive-compulsive issue with symmetry. For example, if I have an itch on one arm, I have to scratch the other arm as well. I have no idea how this started.
  5. When I was a kid I made my own gigantic Ewok village with trees made from paper towel cores and green construction paper leaves, walkways made from these skinny little wooden boards that my grandma gave me, and whatever else I could find. It must’ve been 4′ by 5′ and was the apple of my Star Wars lovin’ eye for probably a week or two. I wish the toy company would’ve made a big bag of generic Ewoks like you can buy a big bag of green Army men; my village would’ve been cooler if it hadn’t been populated by four identical Wickets and one wizard-type Ewok.

There you have it. It actually wasn’t an easy list to construct since I tend to let it all out here anyway. I’m not tagging anyone specifically with this since you already know how I feel about memes (I’m such the party-pooper on this, I know 😛 ), but if you have five things you’d like to share, please leave me a list in a comment. If not, that’s cool too.

Oh- if I don’t get in here to blog again before the New Year hits your part of the planet, Happy New Year! and I send celebratory smooches to you all. 😀

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