Missing you

It’s not about the presents or food – it’s about my family and friends and I miss you all quite a bit this year. I didn’t make it back for a visit this past autumn and that makes a difference, as it’s coming up on a year since I’ve seen your faces in person. As I sit here at my desk, still awake at this late hour, I realise how hard it is to go a year without a you all. Thank goodness for Skype, cheap internet phone calls, and video chat. It would definitely be more difficult to be 4000 miles away without all that beautiful geek magic.

I have a wonderful and loving network of friends and family on this side of the ocean but that doesn’t stop me from missing you all tremendously and I just want to let you know how much I love you.
Have a very happy, healthy, and safe Christmas and New Year’s. I’ll see you online and hopefully in-person this Spring.

Lots of love,

Now it’s time for me to Skype call my Mom. 🙂

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