This should be good

We’re about to head down to the town to enjoy a cup of Costa Coffee and observe the last-minute shoppers. It’ll be like a nature show- watching hyenas tear through confused herds of some spindly-legged creatures or another. The screams of other species trying to avoid the mayhem. The angry baboon troops of mothers with prams and shopping bags from Woolworths.

I’m not even taking anything to read. I’m going for the entertainment value of Christmas Eve in the town centre. Let the spectacle begin… 😀

Have a good [insert religious/spiritual/personal holiday of choice here].

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2 thoughts on “This should be good”

  1. Thank goodness I did all my shopping online (Bless you Amazon). I do have to pick up dog and cat food at Woodman’s, so I plan to make it fun by pushing my cart as slow as I can and partially blocking the aisles when possible! Maybe I’ll drag one of my legs, too. That way the people behind me won’t be able to say anything rude to me. They’ll have to hold it in or look really mean in front of others. Oh, yeah, this is definitely going to be fun. I love Christmas!

  2. Good plan Mom! lol (See where I get it from, folks?)

    Actually, I was surprised about how mostly chilled out the town was today. Evidently (according to the Costa Coffee boss-man) the busier day was yesterday. We still had some interesting people watching, but not the brutality of Xmas cheer I was expecting. Bummer.
    I’ll plan ahead next year… 😉

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