Heat! Huzzah!

Washing up without boiling the kettle. Radiators emitting glorious warmth. The familiar tick noise of the boiler switching on. We are among you again- modern, heated homes of Britain.

In the week and two days since the boiler was shut down for safety, (water leak + electricity was a bit risky), we’ve gone through approximately 225 tea lights and a dozen dinner tapers, huddled around the intermittent glow of a 1200 watt halogen space heater, and worn more fleece than you can shake a synthetic sheep at. These chilly toes of mine will warm up as the evening progresses and the boiler clicks and ticks its way through familiar mechanical processes.

This will be the best evening in recent memory. Bliss! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Heat! Huzzah!”

  1. Ah- only two bottles of 2004 Stormhoek Shiraz got emptied. That would’ve likely happened anyway…

    And as a bonus review: It’s a fairly harsh shiraz. Better with food than without, but still requires half a glass before you don’t notice its attitude. I’m no trained wine connoisseur, but I know what I do and don’t like and this one likely won’t be a shiraz brand I buy again. (Got it on that fantastic sale I blogged about though, so no complaints.) 😉

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