You have no idea how useful tea lights are…

…until they are your primary source of heat.

Yup, that’s right. It’s been a week since the boiler broke down and still no parts in to fix it. We borrowed a little halogen space heater from Neil’s dad and that helps, but fearing a huge electricity bill we use it sparingly.

I am using a crapload of candles though. If you light enough of them the chill is cut and you get the added bonus of a romantic glow. Not that there’s anything particularly romantic or sexy about being bundled up in a faux sheepskin hat with ear flaps, layered shirts, and other such functional winter outdoor wear. With the fashion we’re sporting we could only be looking good walking a catwalk in Alaska.

At first this ordeal was a fun little break in routine. A week later? I’d like the boiler fixed please. Now would be great.
I’m just grateful the winter has been mild.

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2 thoughts on “You have no idea how useful tea lights are…”

  1. I think that you are within your rights to complain – do you own or rent and are you covered by any policies such as British Gas home cover?

    Perhaps your insurance has covered you for this?

    It is a health hazard to go so long without heat. Explain to whomever is responsible that this is unacceptable.

    And if you don’t have cover, may I suggest it? I pay 24.99 a month and know that if something happens, and it has in past, that British gas will be there PRONTO with parts! You can even sign up now and they will sort your problem.

    Good luck!

  2. We’ve just been made aware (earlier this evening) that the part is in and the landlord will have his man repair the boiler on Friday afternoon.

    Since it hasn’t been too cold down here claiming anything would be a bit overkill I think, but it has been somewhat uncomfortable from time to time. Tonight isn’t so bad (no hats or gloves) so I’ll just burn some candles, drink some wine, and go to bed early again. (Of course early always seems to be after midnight…) 😉

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