perfect for your problematic pork

I was doing the weekly shopping at Tesco online, when in the washing up liquid section I spied this odd truncation of a product name: (click picture to enlarge)


It’s so good to know that for a mere 68p, I can ward off bacon with the pleasant scent of Lemongrass.
Now, if I only knew what ‘Wul’ stood for.*

*Of course it came to me much later in the evening: washing up liquid. Silly me.

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3 thoughts on “perfect for your problematic pork”

  1. My guess is it’s also supposed to be anti-bacterial, rather than anti bacon.

    Can’t imagine there’s much market for an anti bacon washing up liquid, except maybe in Hendon, North London.

    – Neil

  2. Yeah, it is anti-bac, but it’s more fun to think the WUL does battle with the streaky stuff. I just wish I could understand how it got shortened to ‘bacon’ – bac, bacte, bacter… but bacon? That’s got to be a webmaster joke. 🙂

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