You’d think living in Wisconsin would’ve prepared me for times like this.

It’s day two of no heat thanks to the boiler going POP! The replacement part should be in stock tomorrow and we’re expecting the friendly repairman to grace our kitchen with it as soon as it’s in his capable hands.

Baking bread and other toasty-warm foods gives us an excuse to fire up the oven, which ticks up the ambient warmth a few degrees. If it gets any more chilly in here I could be forced to bake brownies… If you see me take off my sweatshirt, I’m justifying.

BoilerWell, here’s a picture of the inner workings of our boiler. I’m certain it thrills you. I would’ve thought it would thrill me, but actually, as curious about the guts of mechanical things as I am, this machine isn’t intriguing me. I did get wrapped up in trying to photograph the drips of water, but overall, this machine isn’t very interesting. I found it much more magical when it was keeping its secrets shrouded in sheet metal and my body cosy with its radiator-feeding goodness. The world is a better place for the occasional mystery.

I’m certain the warranty period must be over for most of the large appliances in the flat; in the last year we’ve had the shower partially replaced (the electric box that heats the water), the element in the oven, and now the boiler has a slow, but persistent, leak. Though none of it is our fault, I’m sure this will lead to a raise in rent. So it goes. At least I have a reason to bake brownies. Survival, baby. It’s all about survival. 😉

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3 thoughts on “You’d think living in Wisconsin would’ve prepared me for times like this.”

  1. That shower was always pants.

    I woke up one morning to hear my doorbell ring, it was the old lady from the ground floor and it was 5am! She told me that there was water running down her walls, amazing really as she’s 2 floors down. I heard noise from the bathroom and opened the door to find a flood and water coming out the shower hose where it connected to the electric thing at full pressure.

    Could never get the thing to be the right heat and certainly no darn pressure. It was that shower that made me add to the top of my criteria when I moved onto my next place, that it must have a shower that does more than almost throw water at you.

  2. If there’s one thing that’s worst about renting, it’s the fear that anything breaking down will lead to a rent rise.

    In my place we had the pipes from the upstairs bathroom go, light fitting filled with water, gyprock ceiling turned to mush, constant dripping – this went on for 2 months before everything was fixed. When I complained to the agent that I thought they should give me a rent reduction for an unlivable bathroom for the past 2 months, the response was more of less “well you’ve been there a while, and we haven’t raised the rent yet, so how about we just not raise it right now”


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