the secret of gourmet hot dogs

N: I love Americans- a stand on the corner that says “Gourmet Hot Dogs”

J: What- there are differences.

N: It’s a hot dog.

J: Right. You had a pretty good hot dog in Chicago a couple of years ago…

N: Yeah.

J: And it was better than your average shit from the freezer, right?

N: That’s the secret to gourmet? “Better than your average shit from the freezer?”

J: On a street corner, yeah.

UPDATE: I’ve added a new category called Conversations. Several of you have expressed how much you enjoy the snippets I post and so they are now easier to find. I went back through a year of posts and grabbed as many as I could quickly find, re-categorised them, and now if you go down the sidebar to the categories section, you’ll find them a click away. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “the secret of gourmet hot dogs”

  1. What you want is a coby dog….

    Well something like it anyway…

    Coby beef is from cows that are looked after, well treated, massaged a few times a day and stuff. I’m sure I heard of something like that for hot dogs!

  2. Well, I’m sure you mean well with the recommendation, but that hot dog was the last meat Neil ate before going vegetarian and I’ve been one for about a decade.

    I’m all for cow massage though. Too bad they still end up on a plate…

  3. Kwik Trip hot dogs are the best! They are even better at 3 am after you’ve been at the Red Baron Showlounge all night.

  4. I believe the official categorisation is:

    1) Duchy of Cornwall Organic (still with dirt on)
    2) Gourmet
    3) Average shit from the freezer
    4) Minced daschund
    5) Asda Smart Price range

    Oh, and isn’t Coby Beef a gay porn star?

  5. Aw, bless your heart gazuky! I think you got your comment stuck in moderation for mentioning gay porn! 😀

    But, if it isn’t yet a gay porn star name, I think it should be!

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