wine makes you healthy and coupons make you happy

Starting today, Threshers in the UK is having an unadvertised sale. It’s a viral campaign and you need a coupon to get the swanky 40% off discount. This comes at a perfect time- I’ve just read yet another article on the benefits of consuming red wine and feel it’s my responsibility to a healthy lifestyle to go buy some more of the tasty beverage! Now if I can just find a way to eat ice cream instead of working out…

Here’s a quote from the article, found at Medical News Today:

Procyanidins, compounds commonly found in red wine, are good for your blood vessels and are probably one of the factors contributing towards the long life spans of the people from the southwest of France and Sardinia, say researchers from the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary, University of London.
The researchers also found that the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Nebbelio grapes made the wines with the highest levels of procyanidins.

If medical science and a thirst to quench have you hankering for the coupon, click here to download the pdf. It’ll look like this:

Sweet. And thanks to that last bit in the quote, I know what to focus on at the shop! Huzzah!
(May I also suggest purchasing some Stormhoek wine as well. They tend to sponsor geek events and that’s very cool.)

Happy (and healthy) imbibing!

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4 thoughts on “wine makes you healthy and coupons make you happy”

  1. Who knew the cabernet sauvignon I tried from Chile last week was as good for me as well as great tasting! You have taught me something important today…drink more wine!

  2. Lolz it looks as if a “viral” campaign has got a bit out of hand, just like real virus tends to do. 800,000 downloads and a crashed site.

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