Didn’t expect to see -that- in the kitchen utensils!

I was just doing an Amazon search for kitchen stuff (nothing in particular, just browsing) when I saw this tucked into the list: (click image for an enlarged view)


If you didn’t spot it, it’s the big, blue dildo in the middle row. Looks like the keyword filtering for Amazon puts any old ‘corkscrew’ into the “Bar & Wine Tools” section! Oh my! Tee hee hee…

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10 thoughts on “Didn’t expect to see -that- in the kitchen utensils!”

  1. Well, it could be used in the kitchen and stored in the same cabinet as the dishes.

    (I’m going to keep my laughter to myself)


  2. @Brian: you filthy little bunny. 😉

    @Neil Ford: believe it or not, I was looking innocently at wine and spirit decanters. The funny thing is, due to my discerning shopper state of mind at the time and having seen a million creative implements for opening wine bottles, I actually looked at it for half a second and wondered where the bottle neck goes… tee hee

  3. I guess Nigela really does do it all in the kitchen. What else are you going to do while your waiting for your muffins to finish baking?

  4. I ran across this in my husband’s blog. I just had to check it out. All I have to say is I will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen. 😀

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