Back from Madeira

Wow- Madeira is spectacular! My skin is a slightly darker shade of pale and my body is desperately trying to readjust to the chilly English climate. In the week away, I nearly forgot about all of the technological trappings of my daily life here and was really surprised to see how bright my monitors are, how many gadgets are plugged in and sucking up electricity, and how much ‘stuff’ typically surrounds me. I’m not saying I was completely free of techy goodness whilst in Madeira, but when you have just an iPod and a digital camera to remind you of the life you’ve temporarily broken free of, well, it’s easy to forget just how much whirring, humming, spinning, charging, uploading, downloading, and time-consuming modern life can be.

This has been my favourite holiday since the childhood adventures at Myrtle Beach in the 1970s with my parents. There was no stress from the moment we set our bags in the room overlooking the Atlantic to the time we paid for the long-stay parking at Gatwick. Relaxed to the max- just what a vacation should be.

I’ll have the photos up soon. I took plenty of the Madeiran landscape and you’ll see it varies wildly from volcanic shorelines, to jungle-like mountains, to dry and barren mountaintops where the tops of clouds replace the solid horizon. It is a lovely and magical island; I hope you enjoy the photos. I’ll put the relevant links in a new post within a day or two.

Comments are open again* and I can’t rave enough about the WordPress plugin we used to temporarily shut them all off. It may sound ridiculous, but not having a shedload of spam to wade through upon return has been such a relief and further reduced the stressful thoughts of home whilst we were abroad. To use the plugin, go download it here. Thank you to the developer(s)- you rock.

I guess the Stealth Disco I posted about made it to the front page of briefly! Wow! Thanks everyone and if you’ve seen the video and are visiting me because of it, welcome!

That’s all for now. I’ve got to unpack, make some lunch, and get back to my whirring, humming, spinning, charging, uploading, downloading, and time-consuming modern life. 😉

Update: *Thanks for catching the registration thing, Geneva. I forgot that I’d ticked that setting before finding that cool plugin to manage my comments. Comments are now fully open again.

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2 thoughts on “Back from Madeira”

  1. Sooo glad you had a good time. I used to live in the Portuguese Azores, and I imagine that you went somewhere just as beautiful!

    Hahahah, I have been stealth disco’ing strangers.

    My new phone has video calling capabilities (shhhh don’t tell Barry yet) – so maybe you can watch LIVE as I stealth disco someone!

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