before I go (on holiday) – enjoy silliness

Just wanted to post a link to the Stealth Disco that happened at PodcastCon UK yesterday:

Yes, I’m shaking my booty for millions on Google and YouTube. Eek! It was soooo fun though, and met with huge laughs and claps as the closing segment of the conference. The footage was from my little Sony camera and stellar on-the-fly editing at a back table was done by Pete. Well done Team Stealth Disco!

20×2 was a success! I did really well despite a certain level of nervousness. I haven’t done public speaking for a couple of years now, but though rusty, I remembered how to ride the metaphorical bicycle. (Technically, isn’t it a simile? ‘Like riding a bicycle…’)
I’ll be sure to get a link to the ones who want it after I have access to the footage.

It’s getting late and I still have suitcases to pack before we head out, so I’m switching off comment ability and will see you all again in a week.


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