the last of the craziness before we can rest

So yesterday I went down into town to get away from the desk, the presentation preparation, and to get some supplies for the upcoming holiday. I haven’t been pressuring myself too much on the presentation and I believe that’s part of the reason it’s coming together. I’ll have it done today.

PodcastCon UK is this Saturday. Podcasters and enthusiasts from all over the world will be in London and if you want to go, there’s still a few tickets left (online only – not available at the door). See the site for details. I’ll see you in London!

20×2 is on Sunday but you’ve heard me go on about that already. It’s going to be a blast. Space is limited, so get there early. See the site for details. Again, I’ll see you in London!

Holiday is rapidly approaching. Travel-size toiletries are mostly packed and a list of other things to take has been drafted. Laundry done. Groceries depleted. Plants are in survival mode – which is where I starve them for water most of the year through forgetfulness (a more pleasant word than neglect) and count on them to make a gulp of water last a week. They’re tough.

I’ll have the blog comments shut off soon (for the holiday) since I’ve got better things to do whilst in Madeira than to pay for a connection to clear out spam and approve a few legit comments. You’ll have to save those lovin’ sentiments for my return. 😉

It’ll be lovely when this weekend is over and we can unwind for a week. Neil’s been working really hard with Podshow and sleep (when obtained) has been all over the place. Since Podshow HQ is in San Francisco, the London team often starts work here with the rest of the UK, then again after the US team is in the office. This makes for really long days and it’s not uncommon for him to be on calls to San Francisco towards and beyond midnight. These timezone things are getting ironed out a little now that the official BT Podshow launch has happened, but we really need a break to recharge our human batteries. Add into this hectic work schedule PodcastCon UK (which Neil has had a minimum of involvement with this year), my freelance, and the 20×2 bit I’m doing-¬†phwew! Busy stuff. My writing time has suffered terribly over the last month so I’ll certainly be taking a notebook with me (haven’t decided whether to take the old laptop or not) and I expect to come back with enough for a travel piece at the very least.

Time for me to get back to my current tasks. I’d love to drift into more holiday thoughts, but there are things to be done first and the sooner those are done, the sooner I can relax with my daydreams of distant shores. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “the last of the craziness before we can rest”

  1. I think you should custom order two huge pieces of bread the size of comforters from a bakery and two genetic mutant bananas from Amgen the size of logs.

    Then make a huge peanut and banana sandwich to stuff in your luggage. And then when the dog sniffers go whacko on your luggage. Just act like you did them a big favor by not making a cheese sandwich.

    Then when they assess you as having the replete full-spectrum of mental illnesses of both an American(ego) and a Brit(dutiful eccentricity) just go with the flow……….

  2. John, I always read your comments; and I love the way your mind works. Please don’t ever go on medication. Just ignore those pesky friends, relatives, doctors–you’re perfect the way you are. 🙂

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