full of awesome awesomeness

I finished the presentation for 20×2 at just past 3 PM today. I’ve been toying with the video export features in iMovie and I have got to say hot damn! H.264 Quicktime compression is rockin’. I had tried other export settings and even the 1.25 gig .avi file I created looked like poo. I thank the ever awesome Pete for his guidance through the export jungle.

House is tidy, a guest is on his way from Birmingham, and I’ve begun the holiday packing. If it weren’t for the ice-cold rain, this day would be overflowing with awesome awesomeness. As it stands, it is pretty full though. πŸ˜€

Must rehearse and consume pizza.

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2 thoughts on “full of awesome awesomeness”

  1. Thanks Jodi!

    I was at PodcastCon UK all of yesterday and haven’t had any 20×2 rehearsal time, but I’m feeling fairly confident. Wait till you see the video from PCCUK- we did something called Stealth Disco and I know you’ll die laughing when you see it! I’ll email you a link.

    As for 20×2- I’d better take these precious couple of hours and read through my script! πŸ˜€

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