of light and dark

I wish I could punch a hole in the sky today
free up some sun
if not for any other reason than
to keep the lights off
in the flat
blast out the grey walls
closer than they should be
in dusty hues that
communicate more heavy feelings
than butter yellow and periwinkle
should know.
It’s not their fault
the sky
has a cape drawn
up over the sun
and we can barely breathe
in darkened rooms
without huddling around
artificial light
like moths
just to live.

Impromptu blog poetry. (c) Jennifer Dixon 16 November 2006

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4 thoughts on “of light and dark”

  1. Thanks!

    Yay! Looks like the gods of gloom have listened; I have a small hole in the clouds and it is illuminating the flat! 🙂
    (I know it’s temporary, but I’ll take what I can get.)

  2. Actually, though I don’t suffer from SAD, I do use full-spectrum at the desk anyway. It started as an art thing. I think the gloomy, daytime darkness just irritates me more than makes me feel low. I get irritated that I have to turn on lights wherever I go because there’s no daylight when I want it. I can open all the curtains in the world and I get nuthin’.

    Maybe I’m an personal space control freak and that ho, Mother Nature, is just disrespecting my authority. Yeah. Beyotch. “Watch out! I might burst into poetry!” hee hee

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