Worth waking up for

I caught up on some sleep this morning and have since showered and dressed. I’ll be on my way to town shortly to run some normal errands but I’m gonna hop a train to London. I need a change of scenery as my presentation preparation for 20×2 is going so very slowly. Ideas, notes, photos… that’s about it. A different room to tap keys in will do my mind good.

I think the neighbours across the hall have moved out and that leaves me feeling fairly free to play music at more ‘jam-worthy’ volume levels. The downstairs guy is rarely in and plays his fair share of noisy music and video games when he is, so I have little pity for anything that may rumble his way on occasion. I can usually smell when he’s home anyway- he’s a heavy smoker and to crack a window when he’s home leaves our flat smelling like a smoker’s abode as well. It’s lovely he’s not often home.

So with our only two near neighbours gone, I’m rocking to The Dresden Dolls and wailing along where the lyrics come to me. I tried on my bathing suits in some sort of cruel preparation for the upcoming holiday in Madeira and wasn’t too disappointed. Madeira’s not a beach type place anyway- it’s volcanic. No worries about being in a bathing suit very much. In a temporary moment of insanity, I decided to dig into the back of the wardrobe where the ‘skinny’ clothes live. What happened next is just short of miraculously finding the silhouette of Elvis in your toast: a pair of skinny jeans fit. Tightly, but not unattractively tight. Ah, there is hope through portion control, will power, and (infrequent) yoga.

That business with the jeans made it worth waking up on this rainy and dreary day. 🙂
Off to town.


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