For lack of recent photography

The most popular photo on my flickr account for ‘views’ is one of me getting tattooed. Perhaps it’s not common to see someone in the process, but rather more often after the fact. Whatever the reason, I decided to post some others from that lengthy session. I also constructed the little sequence shown below for fun. I think it’s amusing to see my expressions now, but I was in that chair for more than eight hours that day- the pain was less than amusing at the time.

Visit my flickr page by clicking the photo above. You’ll also see the other shots I have uploaded from that day. Thanks go to my friend Mike Williams for stopping in and snapping the action.

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2 thoughts on “For lack of recent photography”

  1. Ww should get you up to my friends studio in Chesham and do some proper photos of the finished pieces. Maybe get you on one of the bikes from the custom workshop downstairs 🙂

    – Neil.

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