total tree management

Glancing out the window, I saw a commercial truck with the words, “Total Tree Management” boldly painted on the side.

I recognise that it’s some sort of marketing poop to say “Total” but really, how many “Partial” tree managers are out there? I doubt that by being overly specific he’s more effectively putting the smackdown on his competition…

“Sorry ma’am, we only deal with the bark and the leafy bits. You’ll have to phone a Total Tree Manager for the branches too.”

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3 thoughts on “total tree management”

  1. Love it! Of course, over here you’re more likely to see “Hack ‘n Whack Tree Service” than the elegant “Total Tree Management.”

  2. Are they better than “Root and Branch Tree Services” ?

    One I saw recently was “Conveyancing Direct” on the side of a car. Well of course it is direct otherwise wouldn’t it just be someone sitting in an office making stuff up about your house?

  3. Hey,Kev, I really like the “conveyancing” sign. Isn’t it astonishing the number of signs there are that either state the obvious or the incomprehensible or the “What?”.

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