Silver? How is that possible?

I’m in the shower this morning, head as foggy as the British landscape today, when I start singing a song in my head. Mind you, I never even liked the song, but whatever…

Goddess on a mountaintop.

More clarity, as I repeat the first line several times. It’s coming to me.
Burning like a hmmm-hmmm flame.
A hmmm-hmmm of beauty and love.

I think about what I’ve come up with but in my mind the imaginary backup singers are already to the squeal that precedes the chorus, “She’s got it, yeah baby, she’s got it…”

I shampoo and repeat the bit I know.
Goddess on a mountaintop.
Burning like a hmmm-hmmm flame.
I pause again. I mentally rewind.
Burning like a silver flame.


The backup singers are well into the chorus while I obsess over the colour of the flame.

I really have to look that one up online.

This goes on in my head – with a ridiculous level of importance – entertaining me thoroughly throughout the last half of my shower. I’m now sat here in a wet towel with Google open and I can report with authority from one of a millions lyrics sites, yes- the flame is silver. And it’s the summit of beauty and love.

I feel much better now.
Everybody squeal and shimmy.

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