What the Font?

The current freelance project I’ve got going on involves creating graphic elements which are often inspired by or copied from existing branding. This involves using ‘flat’ elements, which are graphics that can’t be pulled apart to identify individual component parts- like fonts.

Enter What the Font. It’s not a new service, but I had never needed to try it before this project. What the online service does is damn near magic. You upload a tightly cropped sample graphic and magic monkeys behind the scenes analyse the shapes of the characters. You then confirm that it’s on the right track with the bits it recognises and then watch as it produces a list of possible fonts.

The uploaded graphic is analysed and you clarify the identifiable characters.What the font comes up with a list of matches for you to look at.

What the Font is not perfect, but if you want to know several potential matches in the time it takes to click a mouse, then give it a go. It is certainly a wonderful service and can be a late night stress-saver. Oh, and it’s free.


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2 thoughts on “What the Font?”

  1. Now if I could only get my hands on some of those magic monkeys that would be cool. All the ones I have bought off eBay and the now defunct magicmonkeys.com turned out to be just normal monkeys, some just painted to make them look magical.

    Anyone one want to buy some fairly normal monkey, fiver a dozen?

    Seriously though this site does look useful I have had the problem of trying to find fonts from graphics before and it can be a pain.

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