Hump day, as they say

First, a big thank you Adam for the quote and link love yesterday. My stats went blissfully bonkers and that’s thanks to you. Cheers! πŸ™‚

Turns out I didn’t go back to Shoreditch yesterday as Neil wasn’t needed in the office and I had freelance to get moving on. I’ve had the pleasure of flexing my graphic design muscles on the work I’ve done lately and it feels pretty good. Writing code is great, but I’d often write the CSS and XHTML for sites with someone else’s artwork in the mix. The difference with the latest work is that I can point friends at a page and say: I made that look the way it does and they can immediately see the graphics work. Whereas with code, I would point to a page and say: see how it looks? Imagine it without graphics but still with all the functionality and structure. The second scenario is always tougher for a non-geek to grasp… Graphics seem so much more tangible.

So the latest work is good. I’m happy, the client seems happy, and it’s lovely doing visual work. Other stuff in the pipeline for me this month includes prepping for 20×2, going to PodcastCon UK, and filling up my camera with pictures of Madeira. It’s an exciting month!

On a ADD/ADHD health-related note- I got word from my local doctor that my referral went through to Maudsley in London. It’ll take a couple of months on NHS to be seen, but that’s better than nothing. I’m so glad I don’t have to fight my GP over this topic anymore. My therapist in the US (the one who diagnosed me) sent over copies of my records and in looking through them I pulled out the Bipolar Mood Scale charts. I’ve created myself some new blanks and have tracked my moods from Monday. Although I had the excitement of being at the new Podshow offices on Monday, I was battling a fierce ADD/Depression low that carried into Tuesday. Thankfully, I didn’t have much on that required focus, (ordering sandwiches for the guys was about the worst of it), but it was a frustrating 48 hours regardless of workload. Things began to level out last night and I feel much better today. I think I may even feel ‘normal’ which is a zero on the Bipolar Mood Scale.*

It’s been a good day so far (read: productive) and will likely turn into a late night as I get the bits and pieces I need of the current freelance project forwarded to me. I should take advantage of this time and get some writing done before the deluge and deadlines hit! πŸ˜€


*The copy I found online is a bit difficult to read when printed out, so I’ll likely create one from scratch and put it up here as a pdf. It can be a very useful tool in monitoring your mood trends.

I think this post may have more Technorati tags than any other I’ve done! (And there were more I could tag it with but held back! πŸ˜› )

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  1. A dash of curry and your stats go crazy… who’d have thought? πŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear there is at least some progress on your referral, that is good news.

    – Neil.

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