live from Shoreditch at the Podshow UK offices

I’m at the Podshow UK offices in Shoreditch, sneaking some wifi and generally trying to stay out of the way of the busy people meeting, setting things up, and doing media company thangs (whatever that is exactly).

I must say that I dig the office, even in this unfinished and sparsely furnished state. It’s an old building; a dual-purpose space with a positively lovely kitchen area- it has concrete countertops and a generous amount of cabinetry on exposed blonde brick walls. The floors are weathered planks from god-knows-when and the windows are massive and plentiful. Fantastic light! I have a tiny bit of ‘space’ envy and I think part of that is just for the kitchen alone! I love to cook and I’m pretty certain I’ll be popping in with a bag full of groceries to cook for weary and hungry late-night media company folks at some point. I really look forward to being able to do that sometime.

The downstairs neighbours here are a funny bunch. They’ve apparently got a residential flat and can’t stand the noise of people walking around in shoes up here. More than one person on their way up to Podshow has been confronted in the hallway/stairwell area and told to remove their shoes! I have only so much sympathy for the neighbours- they live in a dual-purpose space (residential/commercial) in the latest trendy media area of London (think new Soho) and want media types, celebrities, and business people to take off their shoes… erm, yeah. That’s not going to last. I can just see the neighbours asking a bitchy celebrity to take off her expensive heels. This could be amusing.

It’s a funny thing listening to the sounds of the city. I’ve lived in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh (a rather noisy and grubby mini New York) and got used to the noise just fine, but living where I do now I only have the rumble of the A4 out my window to deal with. The flat has double-glazed windows and the drone of traffic is easy enough to tune out. Here in Shoreditch I have noticed jackhammers, pavement saws, lorries, buses, horns, and all sorts of other imaginable city noises. It’s a change and I’m not certain it would be easy to work with all that noise going on. I’m sure everyone will get used to it. I’d certainly be packing some nice noise-cancelling earbuds though…

I’d love to get back here tomorrow and if I do I may bring my good camera with me. The buildings around Shoreditch have so much character and if the weather permits it I’d love to grab some shots of the area. I do have some freelance to get done, so London may not happen tomorrow; my real workstation is unfortunately not mobile. I’m certain I’ll be seeing more of the area since Neil will be spending more time in the city. There is plenty of future time for me to snap pictures.

Anyway, I’m soon off to catch a train home. Of course I’m leaving just when I think I’m beginning to tune out the city noises…

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5 thoughts on “live from Shoreditch at the Podshow UK offices”

  1. Sounds like a really cool space. Hopefully I’ll get to check it out one day.

    There is a load of really cool stuff to photograph around there. Maybe we should organise a photo safari one day?

    – Neil.

  2. It is a pretty cool space. I can’t wait to see it decked out with the planned furniture and equipment!

    I’m loving that area. A photo safari sounds like good fun! πŸ˜€

  3. I see you made πŸ™‚ Congrats!

    And definitely up for some photo safari-ing. Give me a shout when you next know you’ll be haning aroung PS UK HQ and I’ll clear the day and come meet you.

    – Neil.

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