chilling out

The work is done. I’ve got a glass of cabernet sauvignon and a new book (thank you Chad!).

Tomorrow I’m going to relax, study some PhotoReading, and do a little writing. Sleeping in sounds like a good idea too. I admit my ability to cope with a heavy work week is less robust than it used to be. I’m kind of a wuss now. 🙂

And for my immediate plans- I’m getting away from my damn monitors for the rest of the night. I think I even have mouser’s wrist. Thank goodness it’s not the hand I use to raise my wine glass.

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One thought on “chilling out”

  1. Your not a wuss, just experienced, which of course is the polite way of saying your getting old. On the bright side, some of us are way ahead of you on the experienced stakes 🙂

    Enjoy the wine and the sleep.

    – Neil.

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