sooooper busy

This has been a crazy week with freelance. One night in particular I was wrapping up the work day at nearly 5 AM the next morning! It’s good stuff but tiring! The job is mostly web graphics -¬†Photoshop creative mainly -¬†but the quantity is pretty heavy and results are to be very public. Seriously exciting times! I’d love to get some more work from these people, so I’m trying to really give this initial assignment my best efforts.

This particular workload means very little time to blog until the weekend, at which point I’ll resume my fairly regular posting. I did slip out of the flat for a bit of the Mac Expo in London today (part of the reason I worked such long hours was to afford the time attend this) and now I’m knackered. I still need to get some work done tonight, but I think I may endeavour to hit the sheets by midnight. My head is so sleepy right now that there’s no way my best creativity will ooze out of my fingertips anyway. Some grunt work tonight, then the magic tomorrow.

You’ll hear from me at the weekend, but don’t worry-¬†I’m still thinking about you. * smooch *

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