I meant to blog today – honest

But I didn’t really. I did start three blog posts- they’re all in draft stage. I just had no focus to be in front of the computer today…

What I did do was order a positively delicious pizza and watch a movie. The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. I must say, it was highly entertaining. Interesting story (sci-fi/thriller/action thing), loads of explosions, and likeable characters. I’d see it again.

Outside of that, I started my PhotoReading training. See Neil’s blog for a good post about the method. I’ll get something down here about PhotoReading, but probably not until late next week. I want to form a fuller opinion on my experience with the system before I blog it.

Went to another fun Geek Dinner in London on Friday night. I went there knowing one person in the room (Ian), found another pal (Neil Ford) in the back of the venue, and left having met three more people doing 20×2, Molly, and exchanged details with a whole new gaggle of wonderful geeks. I woke up with a nasty social hangover – that is to say, not a hangover from drink (of which I had very little) – but rather from talking, laughing, and processing the painful decibel level of the gathering. I went to bed with ears ringing like I’d been to a concert and nearly no voice left! Regardless, a good time. I found out through Molly that another female author I admire lives in my town and that I should look her up. I just might.

As a footnote on the festivities, I should say that I experienced London buses for the first time last night. I went to the Geek Dinner alone (my Neil was busy), which was fine since I’ve been to London plenty of times on my own, but the Central Line (Tube) was such a mess that they wouldn’t even let passengers board. We were told to use buses and I have nothing but praise for the incredibly helpful bus drivers I met last night. I got to Paddington Station with no trouble at all. Yay! Thanks fellas!

Oh – last update before I get myself to bed – I got my hair cut short again. It’s a cute cut and is so easy to style. I miss my piggies (the pig tails I often wear) but it’s kind of liberating to have short hair again. Most of the photographs of me are with short hair (check the .Mac photos link) so it’s something many of you have seen before.

That’s about it for the weekend so far, or at least all my sleepy brain can think of right now. Time for bed.


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2 thoughts on “I meant to blog today – honest”

  1. Hey, I started learning how to photoread last week. After searching for reems and reems of evidence in favor of the technique, I realised the best way to learn was dive in. Giving 110% is the only way to make any progress.

    The possibilities after learning how to PR are worth the effort.

    I was led to the topic of PRing after reading a book on memory. This experience has helped reduce the amount of skeptism about mind techniques. Before I read the book on memory, I believed it would be very difficult to improve at all but I gave it 100% and after 4 weeks I can:

    -memorise a deck of shuffled playing cards backwards/frontwards/in order in less than 3 minutes
    -remember a random number of 20 digits
    -numbered lists of up to 75 items backwards/frontwards in just slightly longer than it takes to read the list

    These feats may seem more like party tricks, but it has had an effect on my life over the past month!

    I have come to the conclusion that, although I held my mental ability in high esteem, I had grossely underestimated it. Whatever you want to extract from something, it acts as a self-fulfilling prophesy and you can achieve anything: hope this works with photoreading!

    Oh dear, this is a long passing message. Well, must demonstrate my enthusiasm. GTG to lunch. Good luck with everything. 🙂

  2. Wow! Thanks for the great comment Gavin and welcome to my blog. 😀

    I’m definitely enthusiastic about the PhotoReading methods. It sounds potentially really powerful combined with the memory work you’ve been doing.
    The PhotoReading forums are full of good information and helpful advice – check them out if you get the chance. I’ll be sure to let everyone know through my blog how I find the training.

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