I’ve been asked to take part in a really amazing event:
The strap line is “Twenty speakers. One question. Two minutes each.”
See more about it at their site.

It’s an odd feeling to be asked as I’m not entirely clear why I have been. I know my web presence isn’t necessarily small (I do far more than regularjen) but did all that add up to a nomination somewhere? Have I met someone somewhere who thought I might fit with this? I have no idea. I am thrilled and honoured to be asked though, and I hope I give everyone a great two minutes. 🙂

The generic request for additional personal information was in my inbox this morning and has solidified it in my head that I actually said ‘yes’ to the invitation to speak! I’ve done more than my fair share of public speaking in the past, minor stage time with bands and theatre, and have officiated weddings, so getting up on stage isn’t really the most daunting part of the event- I think it might be the writing of the bio.

Of course, that said, I haven’t begun to seriously think about what I might do with my two minutes. It can be multi-media, musical, talk, fire-eating… whatever answers the question in my unique voice.

The question, you ask? “Where am I?”
So far, it seems I’m at the beginning.

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