I love a deadline

Earlier, around 10 PM perhaps, I thought I knew how my evening was going to play out-
Goof off on the computer for a while (new t-shirt art and stuff), then retire with a glass of wine and a book. Little did I know that I’d be doing market-specific copywriting for an urgent last minute deadline! Yowsa!

It’s beyond midnight now and though a fat glass of wine is coursing its way through my veins, I am only a little bit tired. My task is done but my brain is still hot-wired for more activity. I’m going to ignore it and try to relax anyway, but I absolutely love the buzz of a surprise task that throws me into gear. Whether it’s writing words or writing code, it’s pretty much the same response from my brain. An adrenaline junkie for deadline critical cerebral challenges.


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4 thoughts on “I love a deadline”

  1. Kiss my grits, immediately, Ms. Little deadline funky.

    With Love,
    Winner of the Jen vs. John wine drinking contest 4 years running

  2. Hello. I see from our myspace link that you are one of our friends?… Sorry. I refer to the Diamond Heart Club. I play bass. This is only my second time exploring the links for us and seeing where they go. It piqued my interest that you mentioned your tattoo and the PAW reference. Interested in our current progress, or was this just one of, I assume many, random internet searchings? If it’s more than that, we plan to be recording some stuff when we think it’s ready. We’re getting kinda full so far as interest versus our ability to stay cordial with interested parties, so please, let us know if you would like to be flagged as an interested person, OK?
    I/we look forward to hearing something one way or another.
    Otherwise, I hope yo do well with whatever you do. We’re trying to do just that.

    K-… D.H.C.

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