transcendental stenography

Yesterday wasn’t a waste at all. I did the one major task I needed to do (arrange flights to Madeira) and then Neil and I had a positively lovely afternoon/early evening in Windsor. I was feeling somewhat adrift in general and so we took a walk along the Thames, nosed in several shops, marvelled at mushrooms for sale at an outdoor stand, and indulged in fish n’ chips by the river as the sun set before us. He’s got a sensitive knack for understanding my moods – likely because they are not so dissimilar to his own – and was able to gently nudge me back from the potential mental precipice I was so near teetering upon.

The last post I typed up here was a necessary exhale. I’m glad so many of you have contacted me over it. I’m thrilled that I could verbalise what so many of you feel. It’s not always easy to express such things and if it hits the mark then I am pleased.

I’m looking out the window and today appears to be a fairly clear, bright, October morning. I may take the opportunity to load a notebook into my bag and do a little scenery change for my writing. I have joined a group in London and need to complete the ‘assignment’ due for next week. The topic is sex. The format is open. Poetry? Prose? I’m not sure what I’ll end up with. I’ve started several angles on the subject but I’m not enthusiastic about any of them yet. I fear what some in the group may come up with. I am sure someone will write pure, smutty erotica and as it’s read aloud to the group we will all desperately force down embarrassed snickers and squirm like school children in health class – remember the first time your teacher said ‘penis?’

Damn – I may have just stumbled into an angle…

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2 thoughts on “transcendental stenography”

  1. One of the memorable moments in my schoolboy life was on the first day of PSHE (Sex Education) our 50+ year old, normally moody and dull teacher walked into the room and declared ‘Well I’m sure you all know what F**k means’. After starting on that note the shock value had all but disappeared for the rest of the course.

    Good luck with your writing group!

  2. The sad thing is thinking about Mrs. Schultz coughing and saying penis or vagina still makes me laugh.

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