a good start to the day (about damn time!)

Happiness is not a warm gun, but a contact name. (Though I’d give ten quid to fire a few paintballs at my local doctor.)
I’ve just returned from the local clinic where I dropped off the name of someone I need to see in London. Since my doctor had never heard of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder before my visit and was giving me a hard time over the referral details, I decided to call the good people at Maudsley to see if they could offer me a specific name. I explained my predicament in about a sentence and a half. I was given a name right away. Now that impressed me.

The local surgery is great if you have a run of the mill cold, infection, or common ailment, but for mental illness the local GPs are woefully in the dark ages with knowledge. I want to be fair and say that they have plenty to worry about with the regular patients, but if this is the first stop before referrals then the GPs have much to learn. I don’t want his treatment, but to acknowledge a disorder exists isn’t much to ask I’d say. With luck, I’ve brought it to his awareness and maybe the next person brave enough to ask for help won’t be received so negatively for something that is beyond their control.

It’s just past 10 am. I’d say the day is going pretty well so far. I got the name, will have the referral, have done a load of laundry, took the massive amount of recyclables down to the community bins, and am feeling pretty damn good. I think cleaning up the flat is next on my mental list. I’ve let it go for days, so I’m gonna take advantage of this positive swing and do something with it.

Thank you Pete, Geneva, and everyone else who has offered help and guidance during this particularly black period.
You guys rock. Rawr!

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13 thoughts on “a good start to the day (about damn time!)”

  1. I’m eally pleased to hear you’ve finally got somewhere with this. When it comes to such matters, the NHS is woefully lacking πŸ™

    There was news coverage of the state of mental health care at the beginning of the week, made for depressing viewing.

    – Neil.

  2. Okay, I feel better, now that things are moving along. I guess that means I can cancel my flight and plans to whack your GP “up side of the head” with a medical book! Grandma will be sad to hear she’s not going to get to go to the UK and kick ass!

  3. I still have you in my blogroll, 2nd in fact after my son in law, but I have forgotten to check in on a regular(jen) basis. Sorry to hear about the AADD awareness issues in the U.K., am now starintg to think I need to talk to someone about that on my own behalf. How else can I explained my infrequent check in to my favorite overseas site. Best wishes, I’ll do better.

  4. I love your mom!

    You can expect to have to wait for ages (I think I waited nearly a year) for an appointment at Maudsley, and then have to go through the whole diagnostic tests as well. BUT since you have already been diagnosed, you may not have to jump through those hoops, and you may be able to get in ALOT quicker.

    Good luck, and if you need anymore help, feel free to text/call/email – my full details are at http://www.genevafox.com

    /me is sending you hugs!

  5. My mom does rule. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully, I can get my previous doctor to answer my bloody emails. I’ve sent a second one with my current street address but it would be nice if I’d at least hear something. Regardless, I’ve got some notes from a general medical history which list my regime as well as a couple of prescription bottles. That’s a good start towards proving a previous diagnosis. With any luck it will speed the process.

  6. @Chuck:
    Aww- thanks! πŸ™‚

    If it makes you feel better, I’ve lately been neglectful of plenty of sites myself. I do feel as though I’m clawing my way out of a very dark place, but thankfully I’ve got lots of really cool people out there on the interwub (as well as in person) throwing me some rope.

    If it does take a while to be seen by the right specialists, I know I’ve got plenty of support around.

  7. Your mum rocks!

    If ever does make it to the UK, I suspect you’ll have to organise a ‘meet and greet’ session, as I for one would definitely like to meet her πŸ™‚

    – Neil.

  8. Hey, peter pan, it’s okay if you have issues. Everybody has some. I have a couple that are well entrenched. I’ve been working on them; but to be honest, I think I just enjoy being bitchy , irrational, and stubbornly perverse sometimes. I think I cling to my issues because they make me feel smarter or better or wittier( or whatever else I get out of them) than other people. It’s a “me” thing. It’s a “human” thing, and that covers us all. Good luck.

  9. Oops, I was so concerned with peter pan’s problems that I forgot to say I would love to meet Geneva and Neil, too. They are great people. I do plan to visit one of these days, and a “meet and greet” would be fun.

  10. @Mom: You can bet I will be sure you meet some of the really cool people over here. I’ve got some of the best friends and in-laws a person could ever wish for! πŸ™‚

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