I was in Oxford with a pal (who was playing hooky from work) shopping, eating, and being merry. I’m marvelling at the most amazing pair of legwarmer/spats that I’ve ever seen. They are mine and I shall model them and post a picture when it’s convenient. 🙂

I bought a couple of books, got a free coffee mug from the bookstore for being a new student (yeah, I know I’m not – but it’s free! Like I was gonna turn it down), and now find myself sitting here thinking about dinner as I continue to marvel at the aforementioned legwarmer/spats. Oh! And chocolate. I bought special chocolate powder for on top of cappuccinos. Yum!

Neil’s at the Digital Music Awards doing his thang for Podshow and has just sent me a text message:
“Peter ducking Gabriel” You gotta love it when predictive text goes slightly wrong.

I responded, “OMG – no way.”

Neil returned with, “I just shook his hand!”
Arse. I wish I was there! Maybe next time I can tag along.

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