My header says I share too much, so here I go again. (Mom, look away…)

You’re still reading this, aren’t you Mom? I warned you…

I must say that sleep does me wonders. I napped for a few hours this afternoon in my favourite place in all the world: a big bed to myself with a variety of books, magazines, notebooks, and pens all piled up next to me. I got about five or six pages into a book and felt so tired. I marked my page and crashed. My dreams were lucid and strange, but not disturbing. I forgot to switch off my mobile phone for the nap, so I woke to the tune of Dig Dug (old skool video game) indicating the arrival of a couple of text messages, but otherwise slept like a baby with a head injury on Quaaludes.

I am so much better now. I even started thinking about sex, which, for anyone who experiences depression, knows can be as interesting as dryer lint when you’re at your lowest. So, after an indulgent salmon sandwich for dinner accompanied by a recorded episode of CSI (Las Vegas), I retreated to the office for loud, sexy music, a glass of top-notch absinthe, Suicide Girls on a browser window, porn on a movie viewer (VLC), and a handful of other non-sexy stuff going on in windows and applications. It was bliss. Eye candy everywhere, songs I love that make me boogie in my seat, and geeking going on all at once. I felt well. It was all so positive. I was back- enveloped in my noisy, encapsulated life of distractions.

That precise set up was brief, as ADD still comes into play and I get bored with stuff, so I pared it down to just a bit of RSS feed reading, instant message chats, and thumpy music. Now, in the afterglow of mental and visual pleasures tinted with the green fairy, I am going to return to my bed of books and other ephemera, sleep soundly (I hope), and wake to a promising, new day.

Doctors and ADD be damned, I’m pulling through.

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