My GP had not heard of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

I am working on getting a referral to a specialist, but the news that he was completely unfamiliar with what seems to be a common ailment has seriously upset me this morning.

Geneva? Could you email me the name of your doctor(s)? Thanks so much. He says he’ll refer me to Maudsley if I get the name. Also, how do you pay for services – through NHS or private?

Thanks, Geneva!

I’m going back to bed for awhile.

PS: On a happy note, someone sent me Amazon Wish List prezzies! I have a couple of suspects, but unless that person lets me know who he/she is, I’ll have a mystery! I got The Zen of CSS Design and a travel book for Madeira! You know who you are… And if I never find out- Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! You rock, mystery personGeneva! 😀

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5 thoughts on “disappointment”

  1. What a major letdown! I know you’re like me –not good at waiting. Especially when it’s something important like this. You’ve agonized over going back on meds , and you want to get something done about it NOW! I agree.

    No offense to England, but what the ****kind of Stone Age doctors do they have over there? Geez–this is the 21st century, people! Never heard of ADD? There seems to be a very large gap between the Brit scientists who have made great discoveries and the regular everyday doctors.

  2. Oh, and I shoudlve warned you, UK doctors almost NEVER recognise ADD or ADHD – they think that its not a real disorder. Luckily, an ex of mine, whom I am friends with, is a GP and recognised my ADD/ADHD because he too has it.

    Good luck and keep me posted.

  3. @Mom: It is disappointing, but fortunately, just because my local GP hasn’t heard of Adult ADD doesn’t mean there isn’t good treatment here. He’d heard of kids with it, so I told him how ADD is diagnosed more now but that there are a whole bunch of us out there who weren’t diagnosed as children. It’s not a condition we just ‘grow out of’ so we become Adult ADD sufferers.

    At least I’ve made him aware. That should help the next person that walks in with it.

  4. @Geneva:
    You did warn me in the comments on another post. I was superficially prepared, but still shocked. It was so painful to have an otherwise bright, young, and seemingly ‘with it’ doctor tell me he’d never heard of it in adults. Erm, geewhiz‚Äö?Ñ?Æ does he think childhood ADD just magically disappears? 😛

    A painful morning, but I’ve been sleeping for a few hours and everything seems more manageable now. 🙂

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