comfort food and progress

comfort food

This is my idea of comfort food. Fish fingers (US: fish sticks), American cheese, and mashed potatoes, on soft, buttered sandwich bread. I feel better already. πŸ™‚

To update from my last post: I walked down to the local GP office and made a doctor appointment. The receptionist didn’t bite, didn’t ask why I needed a doctor, and didn’t flinch when I asked for the same doctor I saw last time I was there. Anxieties have temporarily subsided and I’m filled with comfort food.

I’m forcing myself to be productive on a couple of things. On my own this evening, and so I’m rocking out to a bunch of shit that sounds great surrounding me instead of in the confines of headphones. If you’re curious, remember I’m on (Check my sidebar for the most recent handful of tracks if you don’t want to visit my page.)

If it sounds like I’m doing better, I am. The first scary step has been taken and I’ve gone from a sobbing low earlier today to a much brighter and nearly happy state. I’d call it stability. Stable is good.

Hot damn! that was a good sammich! Almost medicinal.

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8 thoughts on “comfort food and progress”

  1. Mashed potatoes on a sammich??? Potatoe chips I can see. Now you have me intrigued. I’ll have to give it a whirl sometime.

  2. Oh, it’s so good! I’ve done the potato chip thing too, and I love that, but I grew up on mashed potato sandwiches. I didn’t fry these, but for a really yummy treat:

    -take one patty of cold, real, leftover mashed potatoes
    -melt butter in a skillet on medium heat
    -fry your mashed potato patty till golden brown on both sides
    -slap it in some fresh white bread

    Heaven. πŸ™‚
    Much simpler than today’s sammich, but decadent in a different way.

  3. Oh Matt! Normally, I would think that genius, but I’ve lost another pound of weight since last week…

    I just might sit here and fantasise about that uber sammich for a moment though.

    Mmmmm. πŸ˜€

  4. or here in the north, most fish and chip shops sell what they call “patties” – mashed potato, battered and deep fried – some have sage in them, put I prefer them without, and some have pieces of cooked fish.

  5. Jen,
    You really need to substitute the mashed potato for Salad Cream. Fish Fingers, cheese and Salad cream sandwiches kept me going for years!

    Damn you!! Now I have to go and cook and it’s gone midnight

  6. @Nigel:
    Ah, see that’s where I’m flawed. I don’t like condiments in general. πŸ™
    I’ll have to stick to the mashed potatoes…

    Made you hungry though- result! πŸ˜€

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