more time to get bikini fit again

Holiday has been cancelled- for now.

We were due to leave for Lanzarote this Thursday but work commitments have sprung up and take priority over the unveiling of our pasty, mouse-jockey butts in a sunny locale. Neil’s involvement with Podshow has shifted to full-time employment and upcoming events require attending. It was mutually decided, so everything is perfectly fine.

Turns out, that though we use a timeshare exchange programme and the last-minute rearrangement of holidays is complicated, we won’t be stung too much for the shuffle. It actually works out that the substitution accommodations we’ve booked sound even more appealing- there’s an onsite scuba training centre that has caught my eye. It’s not the Canary Islands anymore, but from what I’ve seen on the travel channels, Madeira looks stunning.

So, the beach must wait for a bit, but that just gives me more time to whittle this voluptuous physique back down to the more lean and toned build that I unfortunately let slip. Things work out. It’s all good. 😀

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2 thoughts on “more time to get bikini fit again”

  1. Madeira has a short airport runway – serious, watch the pilot hit the tarmac and handbrake the plane into position 🙂

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