more ways to share my bad taste with the world

I’ve embraced yet another social media application:

I’m not entirely sure what all it does yet, but I’ve installed the application on my machine, created an account online, and have let it report the tunes I’m enjoying locally to their social media thingamajig. So, now if you go to the site, look for regularjen, and click refresh occasionally, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of my listening habits. When asked “what kind of music do you like” I often answer with a vague, “I like something in nearly all genres.” Now I can prove it. Thanks to Pete for geeking with me and my virginitude.

Now, if clicking a link to see the hairy, wart-ridden guts of my digital music collection is too much effort for too little payoff, I can accommodate you. Scroll down my blog sidebar and have a nose at the my list. It’s AJAX powered and refreshes itself every few minutes. I’ve got you covered.

Anyway, enjoy the ever-widening curtains to my private life as I adopt more and more semi-pointless social media applications. I am such a nerd. This is a geek curse, isn’t it? Why the hell do we join so many social sites when we can barely keep our own email accounts up to date… It’s the tech, isn’t it. It’s the ‘new car smell’ of the web that intoxicates us.

So, in case you want to stalk, I’ve prepared a handy list:
Places I’m Somewhat to Very Active (besides here)
Places I’m Not Really Hanging Out Much – if at all – But Have an Account Anyway
suicide girls*
second life

That’s all I can think of right now. There are probably more.

I think I need a ‘twelve-step’ or something to ween me off of joining more social media sites. It’s not a habit, I guess, kind of like smokers who only smoke ‘socially,’ I only socialise socially. Nothing a little geek willpower can’t cure. 😉


*Not that I’d admit to you how much I hang out there anyway…

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