A new tutorial is up in my Geeky Girlie Pages

I was getting my Photoshop fingers dirty today and decided to create a new tutorial for my Geeky Girlie Pages section (access through the side bar or this direct link).

Need to add realistic saturation to a dull image? Get down with my tutorial and make your beautiful photos even better.
Boost colour with wild abandon and experience saturation bliss!
It’s kind of like those infomercials for the miracle, restorative car wax that makes your colour-faded 1978 Pinto look showroom new again…

Here’s the tantalising example shot for you… you know you wanna click it.
colour boost tutorial

Now go read the tutorial page.


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2 thoughts on “A new tutorial is up in my Geeky Girlie Pages”

  1. How cool! The shot on the left makes me think of the sun-faded pillows on my patio chairs. The one on the right reminds me of how they looked when I bought them–rich, rich color. I love the saturation. Next spring, new pillows, definitely!

  2. It is a remarkable difference in saturation. I was surprised when I was fooling around with the photo.

    Too bad you can’t click some buttons to bring your pillows back to their original glory! 😀

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