Inexplicably good day

Today has been lovely. After a good night’s sleep, the day just started with a positive vibe and is riding that wave even now.

Neil and I went to Matalan for some inexpensive holiday clothes and to buy a few celebratory pieces. We’ve both lost several pounds and though proportionally our weightloss is pretty equal, the numbers sound a little better for him since he’s bigger than me anyway. I don’t let that frustrate me – I just have to be patient. What’s important for us both is slow, steady loss and the fact that he’s slimmer and healthier than he’s been for many years. Go us! 😀

I’ve decided to combine my work station areas. When we converted the second bedroom into an office, I kept my writing environment out in the living room. I commandeered the rarely used dining table area and have been using that as my writing nook. This isn’t working out so well… I’ve sort of inadvertently thrown a spanner into the ‘let’s separate work and living’ plan that prompted us to move the office out of one half of the living room area in the first place. I was fooling myself into believing that writing had more of a creative right to be out of the office than the rest of my geeky life. This isn’t really a solid argument and so I’ll be reintegrating the whole of my work areas into the office tonight. With a little organisation, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it will take a slight shift in my psychology to do any and all work from this chair. Writing just seemed like it deserved a more intimate environment than to be surrounded by humming machines, printers, and miscellaneous boxes of supplies. Well, if I need a change of scenery, that’s what a laptop is good for, but regarding the business end of writing – which is valid and underway for me -¬†there’s no excuse to separate it from the rest of work. Work is work. We shall have our separate work and living areas and I’ll respect the boundary. (Plus, it sure would be nice to sit and eat at the table now and then… I miss that option.)

So this rounds out the good day. Good sleep, good bargains in preparation for holiday and in celebration of better health, and a work/life separation epiphany. I am smiling as I type.


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3 thoughts on “Inexplicably good day”

  1. I know what you mean about feeling comfortable in the place you write. I found it became an avoidance problem for me, everything had to be perfect and no writing got done. Eventually I decided to sit in a cafe and write and that way became comfortable writing wherever I am.

  2. We regularly go to Costa Coffee and work there – Neil on code and me writing, but for some reason I felt I should have the perfect little candlelit corner here at the flat which was away from techy stuff. I think I just need to rewire my perception of my geek area ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ it’s only part-time geek and part-time writing, but it’s a full-time place to get stuff done. Tomorrow will be the first test of that ‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚ĆI have an assignment to send out! 🙂

  3. Well, I made the best of your confusion last time: I moved into your guest bedroom and stayed there for 6 months. I feel guilty, and I’ve decided to confess…I hope you understand. I want your forgiveness…..

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