p30p13 wh0 wr!73 !n 1337 dr!v3 m3 nu75

translation of the title of this post:
people who write in leet drive me nuts

What is leet? According to Wikipedia: Leet is a slang term used primarily on the Internet, particularly in online games. It is derived from the word Elite, meaning 'better than the rest,' and generally has the same meaning when referring to the skills of another person.

The reason I bring this all up is that I ran across the blog of an acquaintance who spells random words and names with this goofy way of spelling. The posts have nothing to do with geekery or games or hacking. It’s 4ll ju5t 3v3ryd4y 5h!7 with stupid characters thrown in. (See? I couldn’t even keep it going for that whole sentence.)

I use very little ‘leet’ or text message style spellings. I use w00t because it’s cute and a good expression of joy or approval. I use a handful of text message abbreviations such as LOL and IMHO, but generally speaking, these drive me nuts too if used to much. I am possibly the worst mobile phone text message author due to my need to spell everything out longhand. (You should see how long it takes me, but it’s worth it for my sanity.)

I realise that a post proclaiming my general mild irritation with the trend is inviting comments in such a style, so go on – if you got it flaunt it. Give me your best comment in 1337.* If you don’t, I’ll just presume that you’re actually too cool for 1337 anyway. πŸ˜‰

*You can find a transliteration chart at the Wikipedia link in the beginning of this post.

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5 thoughts on “p30p13 wh0 wr!73 !n 1337 dr!v3 m3 nu75”

  1. w007, f1r57 p057!!!

    I too hate leet-speak. I write out mobile phone messages in longhand, but I also do it for another reason.

    SMS has a character limit of 164 characters, which is a miniscule amount of data – even with the slowest modem I’ve ever had it could have been delivered in half a second. Yet, we get charged about the same as for a 30 second phone call, which is a much larger amount of data. So, I try to get my money’s worth…

    I do hate, when I play WoW, the amount of lol, and other comments that are made, often at ill-fitting times. And, I hate even more the lack of grasp of the English language these 13375 have. Not knowing when to put an apostrophe in is one thing, but your/you’re is worse. So they use ur in both cases. To me, this should only be used in You-Are You’re, but hey… And don’t get me started on two/to/too. Surely that one’s not too hard?

  2. Years and years ago when I was in a few courier groups (pre-18) we had THG, CiaD, CiD, and every other version with all the vowels in lowercase … IT WAS ANNOYING!!!

  3. The worst blogs I’ve seen so far were written with bad bad grammar, I haven’t seen one written (even partly) in leet yet! I CAN read it but it’s so much trouble… I too use very few abbreviations in my text messages (and online chatting) because, basically, it looks shit. I do use lol a lot πŸ˜›

    You know what’s worse than bad English? It’s people who can barely write in Romanian trying to write in English. It’s like roadkill, sometimes: it’s so bad you can’t tear your eyes away.

  4. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who gets frustrated with 1337 and txt abbreviations. (Looks like I’ve brought out other pet peeves too!) Thanks everyone!

  5. My ‘w00t’ is from megatokyo.com – ‘relax, we understand j00’ – for the same reasons you give. Though I do confess to using ‘hahahahhhahaha’ too often πŸ™‚

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