tasty food and good company

Snarls and solid tracts of traffic nearly kept us away from Oxford tonight, but we persevered and met up with Pete and Emma for a meal. An hour late, but just in time for our table at The Pink Giraffe, we had some of the best veggie food I’ve ever had. The menu contains a mind-boggling number of vegetarian foods including a veggie version of Crispy Duck! I’ve never eaten the ‘real’ thing, but Holy Cow! the soy-based version is fabulous. (Neil has had the dish in it’s meaty form before and absolutely loved the veggie version.) Courses and dishes were shared all around and though it seemed we were all a little low on energy I think we managed a lovely evening. Thank you Emma and Pete, for not only introducing us to such a delicious dining experience, but for also being as patient as we were with the traffic woes between Maidenhead and Oxford. (Next time, the train might actually be a better option…)

Off to bed with a full and happy tummy.

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