Thank goodness for packrats, the new header, and blinded by the light

Yesterday I mentioned installing Reason. Well, I tinkered, gave up, went back to it after Neil showed me how a drum thingy worked, I made some noise, added bits, and created something that sounds like slightly more skilled noise. This is encouraging. Even better is that the packrat tendencies in this flat can run high (though we’re both working on that character flaw) and it is thanks to this behaviour that we have an old issue of Digital Music Maker magazine devoted to Reason newbies. Rejoice! Glossy pictures and tutorials! My noise shall improve.

It is with a heavy heart that I retire the platypus header. Although it pleased me for a while it did look dated. Clean photography and strong, un-grungey¬†fonts are more current and so I’ve whipped up a little something that reflects that more timeless trend. The platypus is not dead, and will revisit one day, but not as he’s been seen here thus far. For now, enjoy some bits of metal I photographed at Paddington Station.

As I write this, I just received an email from Pete regarding the new header etc.

very nice. like that a lot – you have a knack for this stuff, dontcha? 🙂

though, being pernickity, and don’t hate me for this, it’s not
completely compliant…handful of minor freakouts on the validator.

and my response:

That’s it. You’re off the Christmas card list… 😉

Naw, I know. It’s not my template and I’ve been entirely too lazy to do a proper one from scratch.
‘Tis in the to-do list though. Honest.

I’ll do that WordPress template before I’m 65 and running a metal detector over the beach at Brighton. Honest. (Sort of gives me a generous timeslot… no excuses now.)
But first, I’m desperate to get my monitors and desk area away from the light coming in through the office windows. Stupid me, I arranged the office and didn’t consider that my monitors would be facing the windows. Ergonomics be damned, the arrangement was perfect in every other way. I’ve suffered long enough… Time to remedy my situation or only work after dark. (Clearly it’s more practical to move my desk.)

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3 thoughts on “Thank goodness for packrats, the new header, and blinded by the light”

  1. Your own WP template from scratch that siren call we all hear. The two hours of hacking about before saying “sod it, I’ll use someone else’s template with my theme” 🙂

  2. Yeah. It’s amazing how many truly incompatible, non-cross platform/browser, poorly designed, just-plain-ugly, templates there are out there, yet I can’t seem to get one churned out. I do need to create my own template for all the fault I find in so many of the other ones out there, yet for some reason it is totally at the bottom of my to-do list.

    * sigh *

  3. Two hours?! Think yourself lucky, son, I use Textpattern and there’s muuuuch more than two hours involved 🙂 There’s still the ‘sod it’ approach at the end, but TXP users are more sadistic.

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