strike at the coffer of the intolerant

I found this on another blog but find it’s worth reposting and spreading the word since it’s fantastic to get a little victory over bigots. Here’s a way to get free stuff (likely only if you live in America or Canada though feel free to try from elsewhere in the world) and take valuable funds away from anti-gay right-wingers who spread intolerance under the guise that they’re spreading the gospel.* Enjoy your free stuff and feel good about your Robin Hood-esque ways.
Find out all the scoop and what to do from Katie West.

*Don’t misunderstand this as an anti-religion post. It’s not. Religion works for millions of people all over the world. What never works is intolerance. Bigots are not ever doing ‘God’s work.’ Hate is always wrong, no matter what divine stamp of approval a group claims to have.

(And just to point out, this is not a debate forum. I’ll close comments if I have to. If you’ve read my FAQ then you know where I stand on religious issues. To each his own and harm no one. Use The Golden Rule. Get to know your innate human altruism. Human Rights means all humans. 🙂 )

Thanks for keeping an open mind.

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2 thoughts on “strike at the coffer of the intolerant”

  1. Interesting link about the free stuff from the religious groups. I’ve noted that the Salvation Army have a vaguely similar policy in regards to books. If a book is about religion in anyway it usually is free to take. I once picked up a book called “Jesus on Mars” this way, it was a scifi novel about an Alien that pretended to be Jesus and who led a colony of kidnapped Jews and other aliens who believed in a strict version of Judaism.

    Here is a link

  2. Thanks for that Juan. I’m going to have to look into that “Jesus on Mars” after I’ve had my breakfast! 🙂

    The group that I link to – Focus on the Family – believes you can ‘fix’ homosexuality with religion. I can’t believe such rubbish is still taught but even worse yet, believed by some.

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